Joelle Herbette

  • Company: Deloitte
  • Position: Partner
  • Remit/main activity: Audit & Assurance
  • Highest educational qualification: Swiss Certified Accountant, Master degree
  • Place of work: Geneva
  • No. of employees at place of work: 100



What makes my work exciting?
Every day is different. Whether it’s the accounting standards or auditing approach, a new team or client, or the constant changes the in ways of working; I’ve been in audit for the last 20 years, and there haven’t been two days that were the same.

Why did I enter the profession?
When I graduated from my Master degree, I saw the Audit world as a great opportunity to continue to develop my skills, discover different industries. I found the diversity in clients, engagement opportunities and teams very appealing, as well as the longer-term career opportunities.

What challenges does my work present?
We face all sorts of challenges, ranging from technical ones to team management. The challenge I personally like the most is when I’m building a new relationship with a new client or contact—spending some time trying to understand his or her challenges and how I can best support them.

How does my work benefit the economy?
The Audit profession has a key role to play in building confidence and trust in the capital markets. The assurance provided by the audit firms is a key pillar of how we organise our economy.

What is important to me in my client relationships?
Trust and openness. I’m rather an open and direct person, and I really appreciate it when I can build that level of trust that is needed in a relationship to enable open and direct communication.

What is currently important for my clients in our cooperation (keyword: coronavirus)?
My clients expect me to understand them, their companies, how they work, what they value and to share these values. It is key to remain close to my clients, especially in challenging times.

How has the industry changed? What are the challenges of the future?
If changes have been constant over the last 20 years, the pace of change has accelerated in the last ten years. The increasing use of technology in our audits requires us to make adjustments and to adapt the skills of our team members. We’re also facing increasing complexity with our clients, in accounting standard, which also impacts the skillset of the auditor.

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