Elodie Elloy

  • Company: KPMG AG
  • Position: Senior Manager, Audit Corporate
  • Remit/main activity: Management of audit mandates for companies, business groups and non-profit organisations
  • Highest educational qualification: state-certified auditor, Master in Management
  • Years of professional experience: 12
  • Place of work: Geneva
  • No. of employees at place of work: Approx. 300



What makes my work exciting? 
KPMG Geneva boasts a very wide range of clients, including local SMEs, multinational corporations and non-profit organisations of all sizes. The diversity of the sectors in which my clients operate provides a great deal of enrichment and poses many challenges for an auditor. We are in daily contact with an extremely varied group of professionals, including members of boards of directors, finance departments and operational staff. 

Why did I enter the profession? 
This choice of profession calls for continuous professional development in addition to a widely recognised diploma.  The international dimension of KPMG and of this career was another aspect that led me to apply at the end of my university studies. 

What challenges does my work present? 
The audit business model involves constant change, which pushes us out of our comfort zone and leads us to keep adapting. I spent three years on secondment at the KPMG office in Perth, Australia, where I gained an understanding of the mining and gas industries that was entirely new to me. This international work experience helped me to develop new skills, which I found valuable on my return to Switzerland and which will enable me to continue growing within KPMG. 

How does my work benefit the economy? 
External audits represent one of the safeguards built into the financial system. The authorities and the financial sector rely on the work of auditors examining financial statements and the soundness of financial management. External auditors therefore bring significant added value to the economy. 

What is important to me in my client relationships? 
A good understanding of the issues and problems encountered by my clients is paramount in order to fully satisfy their expectations and work in a collaborative spirit while ensuring we maintain our independence, which is the foundation of our profession. 

What is currently important for my clients in our cooperation (keyword: coronavirus)? 
The current situation, associated with the pandemic, has forced all of our clients to adapt, and sometimes to transform their work. Therefore, it is essential to stay in regular contact with our clients so that we can understand the implications and changes within their organisations and share best practices that we have observed. 

How has the industry changed? What are the challenges of the future? 
The most significant development continues to be digitalisation, which has accelerated in recent years and has a major impact on the way audits are conducted. At KPMG, we already perform audits using a highly computerised approach. We will still face numerous challenges that are likely to transform our industry (and many other industries), particularly in the areas of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and robotics.

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