Abetare Zymeri

  • Company: Deloitte AG
  • Position: Assistant Manager
  • Remit/main activity: Engagement Management
  • Highest academic qualification: Bachelor of Science in Economics, (Swiss CPA ongoing)
  • Place of work: Zurich



What makes my work exciting?
What I enjoy the most is the close collaboration with the team members and my clients. The different facets of the job make it even more exciting. Being an auditor is not only about accounting and financial reporting: one also needs to be a good project manager, a people person and nowadays an allrounder with an excellent understanding of technology.

Why did I enter the profession?
I was looking for a profession where I could grow professionally and personally on a daily basis, that has a challenging job offering, a steep learning curve and daily inter-actions with different stakeholders. All of this and much more I found in what I am doing today.

What challenges does my work present?
Dealing with different stakeholders means also addressing different expectations, which is not always easy. The circumstances do continuously change, and the quality requirements keep increasing, which requires us to adapt to new situations very quickly. Never knowing what to expect for the upcoming days, weeks, months and years makes the job tremendously exciting but challenging at the same time.

How does my work benefit the economy?
An audit opinion is not solely a legal obligation or formality – together with my colleagues, I contribute to ensuring that the public can trust the corporations we audit.

What is important to me in my client relationships?
For me, it is important that my clients do not perceive me as someone wanting to look over their shoulders and pinpointing on potential findings. It is rather about building a trusting relationship, going on the journey together, having interesting technical discussions and learning from each other – all this is what matters the most in my client relationships.

What is currently important for my clients in our cooperation (keyword: coronavirus)?
What matters the most at the moment is our understanding of the current circumstances, flexibility in our ways of working and close collaboration with a frequent exchange regarding the development of my clients’ businesses.

How has the industry changed? What are the challenges of the future?
The development of technology since I started did not entirely reinvent audit per se but rather supported facilitating the execution of a risk-focused audit by eliminating repetitive work with the use of data analytics. Auditors already are and have to become more and more technology savvy. Using new technologies will enable us to focus on the key risks of the companies we audit and to close the expectation gap of our stakeholders.

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