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What is the purpose of auditing and consulting?

At its core, our business is about testing, validating and certifying business management information. Our reports have the quality of a seal of approval that is trusted by decision-makers in companies as well as external stakeholders. Industry knowledge and insights from auditing enable us to offer multidisciplinary advisory services.

Our mandate is:

  1. Satisfaction of public information needs
    In auditing, we fulfil a public mandate by carrying out statutory audits in our capacity as statutory auditors. We do this with the aim of providing external third parties with access to financial information and certainty about such information.
    As statutory auditors, we also perform other tasks: for instance, we examine proposals for the appropriation of profit from the board of directors to the general meeting of shareholders as well as the interim financial statements of companies experiencing difficulties. The latter is done with the aim of assessing petitions for bankruptcy. Therefore, as statutory auditors, we also make an important contribution to creditor protection.

  2. Fact-based future decisions
    The validation, testing and certification of information, figures and processes naturally involves a retrospective view. But it creates a valid basis for decision-makers to set the course for the future. In this way, we support and help our clients to confidently navigate dynamic markets, not only now but also in the future, and to operate appropriately in a constantly changing regulatory environment.

  3. Creating prospects for top performers
    We invest a great deal in training and further education. With learning cases and dedicated training modules on-the-job, we challenge and encourage the talented people in our industry.


Portraits of initiative

Below you can download the confidence.swiss portraits of initiative with various messages.

Figures underpin trust.

Auditing turns figures into reliable facts. It creates transparency and trust. This means that it provides key added value to companies, public authorities and society.

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More than a handshake.

Auditing brings light into darkness. Your job as an independent partner is to check figures and certify them. This gives policy-makers and society trust in industry.

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Trust on the basis of facts.

Trust arises on the basis of facts from the past. These facts and figures are validated and confirmed by auditors. It’s important that industry and society can rely on them.

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Auditing creates credibility.

Auditing brings light into darkness. It ensures that financial information is verified by independent experts – a task with implications for society as a whole.

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Taking transparency literally.

In auditing, transparent facts are like a handshake that creates trust. Accurate, independent work leads to reliable financial information for all stakeholders.

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Validation creates trust.

Auditing brings light into darkness. It works independently and according to strict requirements and regulations. This is precisely why it inspires the trust of market players, public authorities and society.

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